Parangonet 1.0: sonic dimension. (2009)

Parangonet 1.0: sonic dimension (2009)

"Parangonet 1.0: sonic dimension" is composed by two wearable sculptures that, through its movement in space, create and broadcast sound samples that refer to the Brazilian artistic movement called "Tropicalismo" (tropicalism in English). Each garment can trigger and modify a different sound input. When performed together they create a sonic atmosphere that represents the cultural agglutination, presented on the sound atmosphere, proposed by the tropicalists, transposing its fundamental concept to our days.

This piece is strongly inspired by the work "Parangolé" from the Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica and aims to make a review of this artwork and bring its concept to our time, using technology to raise new poetic possibilities



The "parangonet 1.0: sonic dimension" is part of a series of "parangolés" sensed by technology. After sensing the "parangolés" are transformed into what I call "parangonet" about its new network of collaborative features.

The "Parangonets 1.0: sonic dimension" is the first one of a series of wearable garments that form a net of collaborative wearable sculptures that changes and interferes in the environment, creating new languages and experiences.



A monitored dialogue between the "Parangonet 1.0: sonic dimension" creates a transcultural dialog constructed between different worlds and backgrounds.

The "Parangonet 1.0 sonic dimension" performance represents and displays the result of measured information flowing into the emptiness. Together, they form a sonic environment embracing the Brazilian culture but also the culture from where it is performed.



The "Parangonet 1.0: sonic dimension" allows the access to a new special, temporal and sonic perception, where the receptor can act as he likes, realizing movements, actions, gestures, performances and noises and doing so, he/she can create new syntaxes in the free space just wearing and completing the piece.

This piece breaks the routine, and present new elements trough plenty possibilities on the syntax level and doing, so it allows an enhanced perception of the objects, life, opening space in daily life for the rise of creative acts.

This piece was conceived in collaboration with Jader Scalzaretto.