Plantas Parlantes (2010)



Plantas parlantes (2010)

After an initial investigation on local water planning in a context so precious and fragile as the Dutch one, the group discussed the creation of a system capable of establishing relations between the human world and the vegetable world, building a sonic sculpture formed by plants and electronic circuits where the contact between man and plant triggers sounds and poetically embodies this relationship.

The installation consists of several elements: controlling the flow of water in a closed circuit with different levels, inspired by the ingenious water management in the Netherlands; the use of vegetables pointing the possibility of food self supply; the connection between plants through wires that capture the energy activity of bacteria and roots; the energy exchange between plants and spectator, perceptible communication through audio signals caused by the interaction of the viewer. The installation functions as a vegetable electro-acoustic instrument.

Our intention is not only noted the existence of other energy sources, but also to place the human being at a level of communication with the natural world around him. Is it possible to use technology to minimize the separation of the natural environment that we suffer today?

with: Gilberto EsparzaJavier Busturia  and Jigni Wang