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 Google Jacquard Project

Google Jacquard Project

Touch and Electronic textiles

Capacitive sensing is the ability to measure a material that is conductive. With this data, you can figure out things like touch, proximity, acceleration, fluid level, humidity, etc. This type of sensing is useful for various things including wearables.

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Wearables and data visualization

Our body reacts to the surround and has mechanisms to signalize this interaction. This reaction is the biology response to external stimuli. Our sympathetic nervous system is responsible for the Fight or flight response, and this is an involuntary reaction. The skin is the place for many responses like that. The more prominent organ in our body is also responsible for displaying the effects of the environment in our bodies


3d printing in fashion

The 3d print is a fantastic technology that is changing the way we build things, including clothes. With it, it is possible to create objects from a digital file and craft them in such way that would be not possible otherwise.