Interview with Daniel Escamilla during the Wear-d

First of all I would like to say that the event organised by CCD en Mexico City was a blast. Very interesting conferences featuring what is the most exciting in wearable technology. and when I say the most exciting I am not talking about gadgets. I am talking about poetic and innovative ways to use wearabletech. Breaking down into names: Katia Vega and her amazing investigation on how to turn our body into an interactive platform; Meg Grant with sound dresses, Melissa Coleman with her always sharp vision on fashion technology; Neil Harbisson and his crazy cyborg life, Moon Ribas and her obsession with earthquakes and many more. 

During the event I was asked to give an interview about my work and creative process. You can read and listen the interview here.

Thank you all the CCD crew and Daniel for the nice questions. Thanks also to lovely Cecilia Sanchéz. 

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