The name e-ansã comes from the name of an Orisha: Iansan. Iansan is a spirit entity of the Afro-Brazilian religious faith Candomblé.
 This entity is connected with the winds, hurricanes, and storms and has the power to control those natural forces.
 The dress is composed of an aluminum structure where the fans are placed. Hundreds of ribbons in red, orange and yellow (the colors of Iansan) cover the structure.
 Those ribbons are called "fitinhas do Senhor do Bonfim" and are used in a religious context in Brazil, mostly in the state of Bahia.
 They appeared in 1809 as a sort of souvenir from the church. The ribbons worked as a type of currency: upon making good on a promise.
 As a souvenir of the favor, these ribbons would be acquired, symbolizing the church itself.
 Religion, invisible forces, tradition, and technology, are mixed in this dress that intends to aware people of electronic pollution especially with the increasing use of cell phones.
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