Be Loved

A project in collaboration with Iria do Castelo.

" Be Loved " is a transdisciplinary project created by Iria do Castelo & Ricardo O'Nascimento supported by MAC Contemporary Art Museum of A Coruña (Spain).

It is possible in collaboration with Niffo Galerie Rotterdam.

" Be Loved " is a project that seeks the boundaries of love, the borders of attraction in bodies. Love as a way to be more free being tied by someone.

The piece is composed of two twin wearable pieces that interact with each other. The braids connect the twins turning it into an active audio performance that shows a complex mix of anxiety and relax feelings.

On 31 october 2015 while South Explorer, a cultural event in Rotterdam, we featured this collaborative piece titled "Be Loved". It was performed by us using new media interactive processes and elements of our personal discourse.

photos: Lidia Vevi