AUTRMX is an experimental video edited using MAX/MSP and a normal cutting software. This project came out from my previous work called "Authority" where a policeman performs different moods while talking a nonsense text. During the movie he changes his mood from very calm and indifferent to angry and nervous. This film, as the previous installation "Authority", is a metaphor of Foucault's power theory in modern societies that is not fixed but in constant movement.

" a society such as ours...there are manifold relations of power that permeate, characterize and constitute the social body, and these relations of power cannot themselves be established, consolidated nor implemented without the production, accumulation, circulation and functioning of a discourse."

Michel Foucault

Action concept

In order to give the feeling of no understanding about what the policeman says we decided to make the policeman with no nationality. It means that anyone can feel this strange sensation independent of what mother tongue he has. Then, I decided to use some kind of Dadaist language like the examples we found in the works of Kurt Scwitters and Ernst Jandl.


wünschen Sie es tun. nein,
was hier? Sie wünschen es
können Sie nein, tun. was
was wünschen Sie hier? können
wünschen Sie können Sie es
nein, Sie hier? wünschen tun.

wish you to do. no.
what here? you wish it.
can you? no, do, what
what wish you do here? can
wish you can it
no, you here? wish to do.