One thing that keeps happening with me is that when I travel I use to forget the electricity plug adaptor and I end up having to buy a new one or to borrow from someone. From all those souvenirs I made sculptures. Each sculpture is composed of parts of the same set of adaptors and should be assembled following instructions that are given by the artist.
 Those adaptors sculptures are also a tribute to GAMBIARRA, a Brazilian slang for a creative, low-cost solution to problems. I grew up surrounded by gambiarras at my house. Electric improvisations to make things work a bit more. The lack of electricity plugs stimulated the use of many adaptors to turn on as many electronic devices as possible. It was always exciting to see if it was going to work at all.
 The word “gambiarra,” in Portuguese is related to the idea of improvisation. It is the act of building an improvised solution. The practice of gambiarra always involves an alternative intervention, which can be defined as a re-appropriation of the material: a way to use or make an object, through customization, improvisation, adjustment, and transformation.
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