Selected Exhibitions



20 to 28 October - Work presentation at Robot Love @ Design Dutch Week in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

19 and 20 June - Wear it Festival in Berlin, Germany.

12 June - CEBIT Trade fair in Hannover, Germany.

31 March - WAAH Award Show in Alkmar,  The Netherlands.

4 April  - Wearable in Smart Fabrics Fashion Show in Phoenix, EUA.

02 February to 31 October - “Verwacht: Frankenstein, ik denk dus ik ben” at Museum Twentse Welle in  Enschede, The Netherlands.


08 to 09 June  -  Wear it Berlin in Berlin, Germany.

28 June to 03 July  -  Looking Forward FashionTech Festival in Paris, France.

23 June  - Makersworld in Almere, The Netherlands.

20 to 23 July - E-textile Summer Camp Exhibition in Les Moulins de Paillard, France.


08 to 14 August at FAB Shenzhen, fabricating the future in Shenzhen (China).

22 to 29 July at Paillard Centre d'art Contemporain in Poncé sur Loir (France).

21 to 23 June at IN(3D)USTRY from needs to solutions in Barcelona (Spain).

07 February at Mini Maker Faire Barcelona.

09 to 14 February at Weareable Fashiontech Festival at La Gaité Lyrique in Paris (France). 


"Interface Changes Cultures" pavilion at The Wrong Bienale (online).!/

24 October to 21 November - "Be loved" at Niffo Galerie in Rotterdam (Netherlands).

09 October to 25 October - "In/visible City" at Hagen (Germany).

08 to 11 October - "City Visions Jena" at Jena (Germany).

26 September - Brussels Design September.

22 January to 15 March- "Excusa Argumental" - at MAC in A Coruña (Spain).

16 January to 26 February - Group exhibition "Oba Oba" at Galeria Bang Bang in Lisbon (Portugal).


30 September to 1 October - Innovative Citzens in Dortmund (Germany).

26 to 28 September - Sonic Arts Waterford - Waterford (Ireland).

19 to 21 September - E-cuerpo. Centro de Cultura Digital in Mexico City (Mexico)

28 July to 26 October - 13. Mostra Internacional Gas Natural Fenosa in A Coruña (Spain).


29 November to 1 December - Cuarto Publico Feria de Artl in Santiago (Spain).

06 and 07 November - KIBLIX Festivall in Maribor (Slovenia).

November to present - MAC - Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Gas Natural Fenosa in A Coruña (Spain).

23 July to 01 September - FILE Festival in São Paulo (Brazil).

09 to 11 May - Toolkit Festival in Venice (Italy).

04 to 12 April - Enter 6: Biopolisl in Prague (Czech Republic).


09 November to 13 January at 19 Salão de Artes Plásticas Praia Grande 2012 in Praia Grande (Brazil).

15 to 21 November at CYNETART Festival in Dresden (Germany).

28 October to 16 December at Pretty Smart Textiles at TIO3 in Ronsen (Beilgium).

25 October to 04 February at LABoral Centro de Arte in Gijon (Spain).

11 June to 2 September at FreiRaum quartier 21 in Vienna (Austria).

11 to 22 January at 10 Bienal de video y artes mediales in Santiago (Chile).


03 November to 11 December at Techno Ecologies in Riga (Latvia).

6 to 16 October at VAD Festival in Girona (Spain).

01 September - Test Lab Summer Sessions 2011 at V2 in Rotterdam (Netherlands).

18 August to 18 September - I Salão de Arte Digital Xumucuis in Belém (Brazil).

20 August to 25 September - Soft Techology in Bergen (Norway).

09 July to 14 August - Art Supply III at taipei Artist Village in Taipei (Taiwan).

30 June to 04 September - Rumos Arte Cibernética at Instituto Itaú Cultural in São Paulo (Brazil).

21 April to 08 March - Playface Intercult at Freiraum quartier21. MuseumsQuartier in Vienna (Austria).

14 to 17 April - Enter 5 Datapolis. International art science technology biennale Prague in Prague (Czech Republic).

01 April to 01 May - Soft Galleri in Oslo (Norway).

01 to 06 February - Transmediale Festivall in Berlin (Germany).


26 November to 5 December - 404 Festival in Taipei (Taiwan).

17 November to 9 January - Museu da Imagem e do Som in São Paulo (Brazil).

18 to 28 November - Mostra Sesc de Artes 2010 in São Paulo (Brazil).

05 to 14 November - Amber Festival in Istanbul (Turkey).

02 to 11 September - Ars Electronica Festival in Linz (Austria).

02 September to 03 October - Festival de Arte Digital in Belo Horizonte (Brazil).

29 May to 31 October - "green summer" at Verbeke Foundation in Westakker (Belgium).

01 to 31 July - "Qui Vive?" Moscow International Biennale for Young Art in moscow (Russia).

21 to 23 May - Urban Explorers Festival in Dordrecht (Netherlands).

8 to 15 May - Semana da Juventude de Alcobaça | Mostra de VIDEO ARTE Nervo in Alcobaça (Portugal).

4 to 8 May - Speculum Artium 20010 in Trbovlje (Slovenija).

10 April to 17 May - Voorstraat 123 in Dordrecht (Netherlands).

3 to 14 February - 13 Japan Media Arts Festival in Tokyo (Japan).

25 to 31 January - Campus Party Brasil in São Paulo (Brasil).


19 to 22 November - Piksel Festival in Bergen (Norway).

12 to 15 November - Campus Party in Mexico City (Mexico).

08 November - Best off at cine Moviemento in Linz (Austria).

5 November - Music Volantes Festival in Paris (France).

24 September to 11 October - Pixilerations [v.6] in Providence (USA).

03 to 08 September - Ars Electronica Festival in Linz (Austria).

28 July to 30 August - FILE Festival in São Paulo (Brazil).

11 July - Festival Miden 2009 in Kalamata (Greece).

28 to 30 May - New Media meetings in Nooköping (Sweden).

09 to 17 May - Ich Machine festival at Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst in Oldenburg (Germany).

05 to 10 May - WRO 09 Expanded City. 13 art Biennale in Wroclaw (Poland).

8 and 13 May - Broadcasting at Transferatv (Spain).

12 to 15 May - Speculum Artium 2009 in Trbovlie (Slovenija).

28 April to 13 May at Galeria [e]Star in Lima (Peru).

12 to 15 March - Festival de Arte Digital, in Belo Horizonte (Brazil).


5  and 6 December - I Freedom of Choice International Video and Film Peace Festival, in Lisbon (Portugal).

13 to 16 November at Move fair in A Coruña (Spain).

15 to 19 October at VAD-International Video and Digital art festival in Girona (Spain).

9 to 13 October - 11th Festival of New Media Arts “HOLLYWOULD...”, in Los Angeles (EUA).

4 October in Paris (FRANCE),16th to 18th October Madrid (SPAIN) and 6th to 8th November in Gijón (SPAIN) at Optica Festival.

4 to 9 September at Ars Electronica Festival, Linz (Austria).

10 July at Lab_test:Hapiness in V2, Rotterdam (Nederlands).

6 June at the event of 20 years of Reseach Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC) in Hagenberg (Austria).

25 to 30 March at Bangkok Experimental Film Festival - BEFF 5 in Bangkok (Thailand).

6 to 24 Abril at palace of art, cairo opera house campus in Cairo (Egipt).

22 February at Social Fabrics ART + MEDIA + INTERCONNECTIVITY in Dallas, Texas (USA).


14 to 17 December at The Museum of Vojvodina in Novi Sad (Serbia).

17 to 21 October at VAD-International Video and Digital art festival in Girona (Spain).

5 to 11 September at Ars Electronica Festival. Campus 2.0 in Linz (Austria).

25 may to 15 June at Unesco Weltkultuerbe in Völklinger (Germany).


08 to 21 november at Museu da Imagem e do som (MIS) in São Paulo (Brazil).

A. I. R.


Alt+ residency at Media Lab/UFG in Goiânia (Brazil).

Made@EU FABLAB Barcelona (Spain)

Sliperiet in Umeå ( Sweden)


Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Gás Natural Fenosa in A Coruña ( Spain)


LABoral in Gijón (Spain)

Museums Quartier - Quartier 21 in Vienna (Austria)

International Residences at Récollets in Paris (France)


Nottle Theatre Company in Bucheon (South Korea).


Taipei Artist Village in Taipei (Taiwan).

Gaîté Lyrique in Paris (France).


Recycle-X in Dordrecht (The Netherlands).

Museu da Imagem e do Som in São Paulo (Brazil).


Interactivos? Lima 2009: Magic and Technology at Escuelab in Lima (Peru).


IAMAS - Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Science in Ogaki (Japan).




Honourable Mention at INTERFACES from University of Porto.




Best Practice e-culture Award.


Finalist of Piemont Share festival

Finalist of the Internation Media Art Forum for Youth of Egyptian Government


Rumos Arte Cibernética by Instituto Itaú Cultural - Brazil.


Pop, Susa / Toft, Tanya / Calvillo, Nerea / Wright, Mark "What Urban Media Art Can Do". Avedition. 2016

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Craft and technology to create a collaborative artwork. in Real Projects for Real People Vol. 1. V2, Rotterdam, 2010.

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Nascimento, R. O. Authority: non verbal communication processes. in Proceedings of the 4th International Conference in Digital Arts (ARTECH 2008). Porto, Portugal, November, 2008. 

Talks and conferences


09-10/11/2018 - Workshop at Colaboramerica at Fundição Progresso in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2/11/2018 - Keynote at CITEXIM Perú 2018 at Universidade Nacional Mayor de San Marcos in Lima, Peru.

12 November - Master Class at WeAr Brasil Festival in São Paulo, Brazil.

20/01/2018 - Keynote at Moldova in Fashion Conference in Chisinau, Moldova.

05/06/2018 - Keynote Lecture at Tallin incubator in Tallin, Estonia. " Creative Industries and its challenges".


10/11/2017 - Keynote lecture at Interaction South America, Florianópolis, Brazil. ““Emotional IoT: How to create connections with people””

27/04/2017 - Keynote lecture at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellin, Colombia. “wearable technology y sus retos” 


03/03/2016 - Lecture at Twente University in Enschede , Netherlands. “Creative process in wearable technology”.

10/02/2016 - Talk at Atelier Néederlandais in Paris, France. “Fashion innovations seminar”.


10/10/2015 - Talk at London College of fashion in London, England. “ Worth Project conferences”.

15/04/2015 - Talk at Subnet Talk in Salzburg, Austria. “wearable technology, beyond gadgets”.

29/01/2015 - Talk at Bartlett Plexus in London, Great Britain. “Open-field”


15/01/2013 - Protein Forum: The Future of fashion. by Protein and Blueprint Media in Berlin, Germany. “Exploring how digital technologies are influencing the fashion world”.

10/11/12.12.2013 - Wearable Futures Conference in London, England. “Socio Cultural wearables”.


27/28.11.2012 - Culture + Creative Industries. EUNIC Conferences in Prague, Czech Republic.

19/22.02.2012 at TEI- Sixth Internation Conference on tangible, embedded and embodied interaction. Demo 


14 to 21. 2011 September at ISEA in Istambul (Turkey).


29/30/31. 2009 October at “ International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology” ACE 2009 in Athens (Greece). Demo.




Ricardo O'Nascimento is a fusionist designer. He investigates body-environment relations focused on interface development for worn devices, interactive installations, and hybrid environments. O'Nascimento is interested in a nondisciplinary approach to create new means of communication among living beings and experiences that challenge and enhance human perception.  

He holds a degree from PUC - SP, SENAC - SP and the University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz at the Interface Culture Department. Currently, he works in his studio and teaches at some universities. 

His works have been featured in several museums, galleries and art festivals like Ars Electronica, FILE, LABoral, V2, Instituto Itaú Cultural, Soft Galleri, Transmediale, and MAC - Coruña, among others.